These ideas are to be shared, used, experimented, and put into action by anyone who has the time and resources ... it will benefit us all!

Could this work?

The world has all the resources, incredible know-how, labor and technologies to make it better and sustain us ALL, yet they are being used in extremely fragmented ways What if we could combine these into one big desert conversion project? What if it was also aesthetically pleasing?

But first, a reminder ...

SOLUTIONS: Please watch the video below on the 5 keys to building a healthy soil. This is one of the most important videos I have ever seen. Now if we could apply this to desert land, we could transform the planet's most arid surfaces with a little extra help ...

STOP using synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, GMO, and other non-organic materials that end up polluting all the ecosystems. Cell phone Towers are also destroying delicate organisms and insects, so there would be DSL, but no Wi-Fi! We need to reduce Electro-Magnetic Radiation any way we can.  We also need to use the energy of the land wisely and take into consideration the geopathic stress lines when laying out the plans. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care.

In short, the thought is ... reduce landfill mass by bringing mulch, leaves, compost, horse manure, orange and other citrus peels, food waste, shredded paper & cardboard and coffee-bean related waste to create a layer on the desert floor creating shade, moisture, mold, and nourishment which are all the necessary components of create a healthy soil. Imagine if ALL the coffee shops around the country were require to recycle their coffee waste!

Here is an example of what just orange peels can do:
Considering the addiction to citrus juices, vegetable juices and coffee in this country, we have plenty to cover the desert floor.

Above that, we create simply designed greenhouses that trap moisture created by heat and condensation, creating shade and reducing heat in the process while generating another passive source of water.

On top of that we create straight rectangular structure like a pop-up canopy-like carport but strong enough to carry the weight of the solar panels positioned over them. The energy created by the panels would be used for electricity that could be used for lights, to pump the water where necessary, ventilation, timers, fans, water filtration systems, sprinkler systems and so forth. Excess energy could be sold or donated to the nearby cities. I would love to see white or a light grey panel that do not compete with the environment. White panels also reach lower temperatures than traditional darker hue panels.

Very few companies make white panels. Here is one ... hopefully, more to come.

On the same roof, we create a rail w/ water harvesting panels on one side that rotate in such a way that they never create shade over the panels.

"Rainfall and river water can not sustain humanity's growing water needs in many parts of the world, and ground water reservoirs are being depleted or even contaminated by industry.  However, there is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all of the rivers of the planet combined (Source: U.S. Geological Survey).  This is a tremendous opportunity." via Sky Source

Through-out the desert, create rows or Fibanocci inspired patterns of Warka Towers w/ various plants/grasses underneath and water tanks for animals to drink from. The towers can generate up to 100 liters (27 gallon) of water per day just from thin air and if using grey or black mesh, will blend beautifully into the environment. because shade and shadows are hue of grey, the eyes won't register the structures as much as if they are made of orange or another color ...

Also look at these resources and articles:
Some of the Greenhouse-like constructions could be left open on 3 sides to create shade for the animals. Because we need to bring large herds of cattle used to living in arid temperatures. Don't put cows from Europe, use animals adapted to living in high heat.

Holistic planned grazing by large flocks of live animals can not only help us maintain the soil, reduce carbon footprint and feed the ever growing human craving for animal protein.

I also believe we should plant rows of drought tolerant trees and create little clusters (with dew collectors at the base to make sure the trees thrive in the first few years. Creating rows of trees would slow the wind from picking up too much momentum and lift good earth and sand up into the air. It would also allow birds and insects to have a place to rest and create habitats.

I love the work of

Built rows of off-grid habitations for specific refugees and immigrants poplulation that are used to living in such arid conditions and we offer them a chance to work the land (for 2 years minimum) until they learn to speak English and integrate into American society (if they choose to, but they can live in the desert). They can follow courses online for their dream careers, or get orientation on how to build a life where they can be safe, respected, appreciated for their knowledge, experiences, and learn the tools they will need to navigate this part of our world. If we can teach them how to be independent constructive thinkers and teach them skills they can bring back to their own or any community ... we will create a new generation of guardians of the land.

Organic perma/poly-culture, with 10 plants minimum, will be needed on this land, and that can be done in the greenhouses or the like (remember that we are trying to accomplish growth in the desert).

This is just a very rough draft of an idea.